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Tokyo Gen'On Project#15 Musician's Selection 5: Sumihisa Arima2

  • Organization : Tokyo Gen’On Project
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Sumihisa Arima returns for a concert in the Musician’s Selection series featuring programming by project members.
As a leading figure in electronics in Japanese contemporary music, this was Arima’s attempt to trace the history of Japanese electronic music specializing in live offerings.
Arima has also published a booklet co-edited with Koji Kawasaki, a leading expert in Japanese electronic music, as a complement to musical pieces he was unable to cover in the concert. Furthermore, this event was a valuable opportunity to establish the position of the electronic music field in music history with a complex approach that included a talk event centering around Arima and Kawasaki, and featuring Mamoru Fujieda as a guest.

Concert program
Toshi Ichiyanagi: Appearance for 3 instruments, 2 oscillators, 2 ring modulators (1967)
Somei Satoh: Litania for piano and delay (1973)
Yori-Aki Matsudaira: Cores for piano and computer (1997)
Shintaro Imai: Fluid Grains for marimba and electronics (2008)
Takeo Hoshiya: Grassland for tuba and electronics (2018, revised 2021)
Takumi Ikeda: Hypersanity for alto saxophone and electronics (2018 WP)
Tomomi Adachi: Ancient Chinese Experimental Music – from Yue Jing – No.7 “Cuneiform” + No.8 “Euclid” (2021, commissioned, world premiere)


Tokyo Gen’On Project
Formed in 2012 by top musicians of comtemporary music, Tokyo Gen’On Project proposes a new viewpoint as players through their unique programs focusing on Japan/world premiere, and workshops for young musicians / composers / staff members. Its 2013 production “Tokyo Gen’On Project #01” won the 13th Keizo Saji Prize by the Suntory Foundation for Arts.
Current members are; Arima Sumihisa (electronics), Oishi Masanori (saxophone), Kanda Yoshiko (percussion), Kuroda Aki (piano) and Hashimoto Shinya (tuba).


Ayako Fukunaga
Tokyo Gen’On Project (naya collective Ltd.)


Suginami Kokaido Small Hall, Suginami City, Tokyo