What we do

y/n“On Not Being Fooled Like You”

  • Organization : y/n
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A lecture-performance based on research related to the history of magic in Japan. Beginning with the factual story of magician Namigoro Sumidagawa, who was the first Japanese to be issued with a passport and whose troupe toured overseas under the falsehood of being the Imperial Japanese Troupe, the event encompassed magic performance to explore narrative (“katari”) and deception (“katari”) with regard to personal identity, historical fact, and what guarantees the “truth” of these.

Conceived/directed by: y/n (Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kenta Yamazaki)
Performed by: Kiyoshi Hashimoto
Sound/lighting: Shomi Sakurauchi (Offton/Seinendan)
Main visual: Takuya Yamahata
Publicity art: Masahiro Okabe (voids)
Production: Someya Funimme


y/n is founded in 2019 by Hashimoto Kiyoshi (Director, Actor) and Yamazaki Kenta (Critic, Dramaturg). Our projects are based on interviews and research, and in a sustainable way. The name of the unit implies binary opposition, contradiction, the state before reaching the answer, invisibility as impossibility to google, anonymity, private desire, and yen. Recent works include “Coming Out Lessons”(Feb.,2020) and “Sex/Work/Art”(Feb.,2021) .




SCOOL, Mitaka City, Tokyo