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The 7thTsugumi Yamamoto 25-string Koto Recital Tatazumusakini

  • Organization : Tsugumi Yamamoto
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is the seventh koto solo recital by 25-string koto player, Tsugumi Yamamoto. Created in 1991 as a medium for the expression of contemporary music, the modern 25-string koto is marking its 30th anniversary. In that time its unique musicality as a multi-stringed instrument has evolved beyond the restraints of the traditional Japanese musical instrument genre. This series has constantly expanded Yamamoto’s quest for new forms of sound, and the potential of the 25-string koto.
This performance at Musicasa, where Yamamoto’s first 25-string koto recital took place, was something of an experiment in returning to her roots, featuring the same pieces she performed then, as well as distinctive pieces selected from commissioned works to date.
Her aim was a performance looking for the “light” to illuminate the road ahead.

1.“Hashi wo watatte” composed by Yuji Takahashi
2.“Reverberation” composed by Aki Mori
3.“Ballata Sinfonica for Duo Treble and Bass 25-string Koto” Composed by Akira Ifukube
4.“Kokoro no uta” composed by Kumiko Takahashi

Tsugumi Yamamoto (25-string koto)
Tomoya Nakai (Bass 25-string koto) (Guest)


Tsugumi Yamamoto
Yamamoto studied the koto and sangen under Ayako Kariya from an early age. As an intern with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Artist Training Program, she studied under 25-string koto pioneer Soju Nosaka, and since then she has primarily been active as a 25-string koto player. She has released the 25-string koto solo albums Tsumugu [Spinning the thread] and The Beginning (ALM/ACA National Arts Festival entry). Every year she holds a recital, where she presents new commissioned works by composers including Akira Inoue, Jyoji Sawada, Kumiko Takahashi, Kazuyuki Taguchi, Aki Mori, and Makoto Nomura. She engages in projects covering a wide range of genres including contemporary music, improvisational performance, and pop music, always keeping in mind the integration of the koto and the self as she continues to communicate the appeal/explore the potential of the 25-string koto in Japan and overseas.




Musicasa , Shibuya City, Tokyo