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IO-2: Contemporary Daguerreotype Exhibition & Symposium

  • Organization : Contemporary Daguerreotypes Japan Committee
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Contemporary Daguerreotypes Japan Committee conducts IO-2 (Image Objects Exhibition vol.2) project, which inherits the exhibition “IO-1 (Image Objects Exhibition vol.1)” held in NYC in 2012.

The contemporary daguerreotypists’ exhibition ”Care: In an Age of Uncertainty” discusses what photography can capture and could have captured, in an era of frequent disasters, conflicts, and uncertainties during the pandemic.

The international symposium “Photography for Resilience: History, Technology, and Art of Daguerreotype” aims to explore socio-historical aspects of the 19-century daguerreotype and contemporary iterations of the process. The committee invites speakers to reflect upon how we can inform and produce alternative understandings of our relationship to historical imagery today.


Contemporary Daguerreotypes Japan Committee
Contemporary Daguerreotypes (2008-2020), was originally founded by a daguerreotypist Alan Beckhuis. Over 80 members from 20 countries actively discussed and exchanged their knowledge on daguerreotypy, and helped new practitioners.
Succeeding the foundation the former organization developed, the Contemporary Daguerreotypes Japan Committee continues cultivating new potentials of daguerreotypy, one of the oldest photographic techniques, in the 21 century.


Takashi Arai
Contemporary Daguerreotypes Japan Committee
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