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Tachiai Kyogenkai Vol. 8

  • Organization : Non Profit Organization ACT.JT
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Kyogen often performs in each family.The Tachiai Kyogenkai is a group of young Kyogen actors from different schools and families gather once a year.Continuing from last year, this year’s event was held with 3 Kyogen performances and 5 Komai performances to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.Continuing this performance will deepen the exchange between Kyogen Actors.It leads to the activation of the entire Kyogen world.We have the feeling of cultivating and nurturing the next generation of audiences.It can be expected to have a ripple effect of increasing the audience of Kyogen.Tachiai Kyogenkai will be an unprecedented breakthrough performance that will contribute to the spread and development of Japanese culture.

Composition supervision Yataro Okura Matasaburo Nomura
Kyogen“Sakka” Nomura Matasaburo Family
Komai “Funa” Shigeyama Chusaburo Family
Komai “Semi” Nomura Manzo Family
Kyogen “Kobu Uri” Zenchiku Family
Komai “Matsu Yuzuriha” Shigeyama Sengoro Family
Komai “Uguisu Kawazu” Zenchiku Family
Komai “Ebis Bishamoni” Kyogenkyodosya
Kyogen “Shuron” Okura Yaemon Family


Non Profit Organization ACT.JT
Established in 2003, ACT.JT runs educational, regional development and overseas cultural exchange programs through the medium of Japanese classical and medieval performing arts. The organization offers performing arts such as Gigaku, Gagaku, Dengaku, Nohgaku, Hogaku (Japanese traditional music) and more in the form of performances, workshops, public participation, school classes etc. The group’s activities utilize encounters with performing arts to create an environment for men and women of all ages to enjoy the traditions, and to develop human resources in the sphere in order to impart the “Japanese spirit” to future generations going forward.


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