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「The Garden of Garando」Exhibition and Butoh performance

  • Organization : Norihito Ishii
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


Spatial art exhibition
In the work “Tenge,” 300 roses suspended from the ceiling suggest the passage of time from life to death as they change and decay daily. The installation uses materials that change through decay or drying (fresh flowers, etc.) as well as contrasting materials such as artificial objects (artificial flowers, etc.).

The Butoh piece“The Garden of Garando” is performed underneath the installation. Treating the body as a shell and mutating / changing it into various things mirrors Ishii’s view of life and death, and the decay of life. With the choreography of “The Garden of Garando” already complete, performers take to the stage with a physicality unaffected by music; the physical embodiment of something that does not change. Ishii’s co-performers change daily, meeting on the day of the performance after first watching soundless video footage of nothing but the choreography. There is no joint rehearsal between performers, and the performance is improvised to a high degree. In addition, dance notation distributed after the performance helps audiences to understand the world of Butoh and decipher the piece.

Butoh dancer: Norihito Ishii
Co-performers: Madoki Yamazaki, Chieko Hara, Tasuku Tsuji, Yasuhiro Suzuki,
Darie, HIKO


Norihito Ishii
Since 2007, he has worked as a solo artist, and continues to create performing arts works that question the truth of society by working on the human psyche, under the concept of the madness and universal beauty that resides in the modern human body. A member of the Butoh company Sankai Juku since 2010, he has performed in more than 75 cities in 27 countries, including with his own projects. In parallel to his work as a dancer, he launched production company DEVIATE CO. in 2012, under which he has implemented numerous projects. Since 2017, he has regularly organized the spatial art exhibition and Butoh performance project, “The Garden of Garando.”


Norihito ishii


gallery shell102, Musashino City, Tokyo