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Illusion of the human chair

  • Organization : Tenko Yokoyama
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Original story: Ranpo Edogawa
Concept/design/performance: Tenko Yokoyama
Direction/lighting: Tetsujiro Kawachi
Music composition/music performance: Mitsuhide Tatsumi
Puppetry instruction: Miyako Kurotani (genre:Gray)
Costume: Nozomi Inoue
Publicity art: Sachiko Kira
Steward: Tadenda Tanaka

This performance based on “The Human Chair” by Ranpo Edogawa featured a puppet and a human performer as well as live music.
Based on the concept of the illusion of a man inside a chair and the illusion of a woman sitting in that chair combining to create a new illusion, the performance incorporated a mask, a piece of cloth, and a human body, using a single puppeteer with a katate ningyo (a doll operated by one hand) to embody the mysterious and bizarre world of Ranpo Edogawa.
A highlight of this performance was its strange and melodious musical performance which used a variety of instruments including the Theremin, the world’s first electronic musical instrument, used for the sound effects in horror and science fiction movies.


Tenko Yokoyama
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Since becoming the 48th graduate of the Theater Institute attached to Bungakuza and working for the theater company Rinkōgun in 2009, Yokoyama has been active as a freelance performer, artist, and actor since 2014. She has been involved in Furendance, the band Emi Shirasaki & Rockenroll Show~!! and Shibusashirazu orchestra, among others.
In recent years she has been studied under genre:Gray’s Miyako Kurotani, and will also hold a performance and exhibition using dolls she has made herself.
In 2019 Yokoyama won the “P Rookie Award” for her version of Osamu Dazai’s short novel “A Wait ”


Tenko Yokoyama


Performing Gallery & Cafe Esorabako,Shinjyuku City,Tokyo