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The 2nd Concert

  • Organization : The Shakuhachi 5
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This was the second regular concert by The Shakuhachi 5, a group specializing in contemporary shakuhachi music. With a program revolving around a newly commissioned work (by Nishimura), a new solicited piece (by Dainobu), the revival of famous compositions (by Makino and Moroi) and the unveiling of a past work (by Nakamata), it was a performance giving a sense of the diverse expression and possibilities of the shakuhachi.

1. Yutaka MAKINO “Gyoun” (1980)
2. Nobukiyo NAKAMATA “Space” (1969)
3. Ryo DAINOBU “Shape of Wind” (2021) *World Premiere
  Commissioned by The Shakuhachi 5
5. Makoto MOROI “5 Dialogues” (1972)
6. Akira NISHIMURA “Sara Soju for five Shakuhachi” (2021) *World Premiere
  Commissioned by The Shakuhachi 5


The Shakuhachi 5
A shakuhachi group that transcends the schools formed by Akihito Obama, Kizan Kawamura, Reison Kuroda, Akihisa Kominato and Ken-ichi Tajima, musicians who pursue contemporary expression as well as the classics in their ongoing activities. In 2020 they recorded and released an online performance of the work “Longing from afar,” which they worked on remotely together with the work’s composer Dai Fujikura, who conducted the online performance. The performance represented the group’s debut in a real sense. At the concert to mark its forming, the group presented the world premiere of the Dai Fujikura commissioned work “Shakuhachi Five” and at its second regular concert it premiered Akira Nishimura’s commissioned piece “Sara Soju.”


The Shakuhachi 5


Concert:Toyosu Civic Center Hall, Koto City, Tokyo
Online Streaming:TwitCasting