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Shinjuku is a place of encounters to satisfy the wants and desires of day and night, and the scene of elusive and endlessly diverging fantasies. Here, the ghost of times past continues to flicker. Offering solo exhibitions by three artists active in different fields, this event rolled out at two venues in Shinjuku and Yoyogi characterizes the district of Shinjuku and expresses its here-and-now transience.

Participating artists comprise Naoki Takehisa, Shota Torii, and Masahide Matsuda. The festival is directed by Kiyoshi Kurotaki of the Decameron gallery in Shinjuku and curated by Miki Kazama (TOKYO culture research) and YOSHIDAYAMA (FLUSH/FLOATING ALPS LLC).


【Kiyoshi Kurotaki (Director)】
Born in 1986, the director of this festival Kurotaki is an artist as well as curator/director of the art space Decameron in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district. Major exhibitions in the past include “Tokyo Independent” (The Chinretsukan Gallery, Art Museum of the Tokyo University of the Arts, 2019) and “Existence is Absence, Existence is Absent”(Akiyama Gallery, Tokyo, 2018).Principal exhibitions curated or directed by Kurotaki include “Cell Death (Necrosis / Apoptosis)” (Decameron, Tokyo, 2022); “moral/ethics”(Decameron, Tokyo, 2021); and “Kotoba wa wakaru ga, hanashi ga tsūjinai” (“I understand the words but I don’t understand what you are saying”)(Decameron, Tokyo, 2020).


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Decameron, Shinjyuku City, Tokyo; TOH, Shibuya City, Tokyo