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Offton CCS/SC 1st Expansion “Night Dominant”

  • Organization : Offton
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A stage work performed after a two-year creative period by troupe members recruited under the condition that their physical and mental health was irrelevant to the project. With its setting of a world in which the motif of disease or illness as developed through interaction and exchange with troupe members is allegorized by the five species of vampires, werewolves, artificial humans, ghosts, and humans, and based on the story of the classic play “Hamlet,” “Night Dominant” was presented as a story about the boundaries between normal and abnormal, illness and health, posing questions about contemporary recognition of illness from the viewpoint of the work as well as the project.

Performed by
Rune Takahashi, Ai Ohzeki, Yuri Nitta
(double casting)
A : Arisa Uto,Tadashi Kaizu, Yasumi Nagase
B : Mayu Ozawa, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Ryusei Kuroki

Production staff
Direction and Text : Koki Tokuchi
Director’s assistants : Mizuki Aomoto, Izumi Enaga, Saori Nakajima, Eiri Ogihara
Sound/lighting/stage direction : Shoumi Sakurauchi
Design : Yuuki Nakaya
Producer : Kana Ito


Formed in 2011 by Kouki Tokuchi, Offton’s recent productions have primarily been themed around classical drama including Greek tragedy and Shakespeare.
The troupe is characterized by text which blends the essential worldview of classical plays with overtones of contemporary social problems and pop culture. Offton’s style is to actively pose questions to the audience about the challenges surrounding modern people by consciously creating factual boundaries between reality and fiction.


Koki Tokuchi


Komaba Agora Theatre, Meguro city, Tokyo