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Let’s try! project in Tokyo Theater Workshop for general young people

  • Organization : Theater Company DORA
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


In Japan, we call somebody who are not in education, employment or training “HIKIKOMORI or NEET”. Theater company DORA recruited widely recruiting through demonstration workshops and flier with the support of cooperating organizations to create a stage that is aimed at them. Through the experience of creating a stage with friends, we have them cultivate their self-expression based on trust, fulfillment, self-affirmation and diversity, and have supported social participation.
After the orientation (individual interview), from the first time, we will hold a theater workshop for communication such as stretching and theater games, and while creating a reliable place, hope of the participants with the artist for the presentation. While respecting, announced the group creation (devising) “Shameless Cap” (performance time 1 hour 20 minutes). We had them experience a full-scale stage including props, props, costumes, lighting, and sound.


Theater Company DORA
Established in 1972 with mainly Mingei Theatre Company alumni, DORA has around 60 members. Its productions focus on creative drama themed around the question of what it means to really live a rich and human life.
Based in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, the troupe continues to give performances all over Japan and overseas which are designed to appeal to a wide range of age groups. In addition, DORA leads the way in services for the vision/hearing impaired, aiming to deliver a variety of theater workshops and accessible theater to “leverage the power of theater in society.” In 2022 the troupe celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding.


Theater Company DORA
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