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A series of barrier-free courses for theatre professionals 2021

  • Organization : Senior Theatre Network
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This 12 times course is designed to help people with hearing impairments, wheelchair users, the elderly, visually impaired people, and people with intellectual disabilities learn how to support the theater. The purpose is to learn the stories of the parties concerned and to acquire the know-how to practice them.


Senior Theatre Network
The main activities are support for the theater activities of the elderly and theater support for people with disabilities. It was established as a voluntary organization in 2006 and incorporated in 2012. Currently, he is active as a planning and management organization for senior theater competitions and as an organization for senior theater companies, and provides barrier-free support for theater performances by various theater companies and theaters.


Kuroki Ema (stage name: Emma Kujira)
Senior Theater Network
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Miraikan Timei (Toshima City, Tokyo)
Seinenza Class (Shibuya City, Tokyo)