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A series of lectures on the "contract" of performing arts 2021~ Towards a sustainable creative environment

  • Organization : Open Network for Performing Arts Management
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Taking a contractual perspective to look at the various legal, labor, and financial issues surrounding the performing arts – issues which became even more apparent with the pandemic – this lecture series dealt with the updating of the knowledge and skills of participants, those involved in the performing arts.Including the unavoidable themes of the working environment and rights relating to arts and culture, ON-PAM delivered six online lectures – The Working Environment, Rights, Commissioning, Copyright, and Tax/Accounting – and enabled archive material to be viewed as well. Lectures also covered the timely sub-themes Thinking About Harassment, Thinking About the Possibilities of Performing Arts, and Grants.In addition to the six lecturers, performing arts managers with different viewpoints from the frontlines took the podium in the role of “navigators” (seven in total) in charge of proceedings, and as reporters (fifteen in total) looking at case studies and the issues involved.The lectures were aimed at revitalizing the performing arts world by visualizing the structural problems within the industry, and creating, maintaining, and expanding a sustainable creative environment while attempting to solve and prevent these problems with numerous stakeholders.


Open Network for Performing Arts Management
Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM) is a Japan-wide/international membership networking organization comprising people involved in work that connects artists/arts organizations with audiences.
People who promote the performing arts proactively participate, exchanging and sharing information and ideas that are updated daily through their respective work, forming a platform that leads to development in professional activities. ON-PAM aims to contribute to an increase in the benefits for performing arts and society as a whole by defining and raising recognition of the social role of contemporary performing arts, and by proposing and making recommendations for cultural policy, etc.


Open Network for Performing Arts Management
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