What we do

Landscape with dance

  • Organization : zero
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This project aimed at popularizing and developing contemporary dance invites specialists in fields other than dance to regularly hold body-themed workshops and non-prescriptive performances in open places. Organized by dance group Zero, the project this time around offered a total of ten events during a nine-month period: four workshops headed up by foremost landscape architect Tatsuya Hiraga and given in collaboration with experts in cultural anthropology, education, welfare and more; four performances at nonoaoyama in the Kita-Aoyama area which is steadily being redeveloped, and Ebihara Shoten, an old house that is now a gallery in Chiyoda-ku’s Kanda district; and two symposiums that doubled as debriefing sessions.


Zero is a dance group that advocates the importance of the body and continues to learn and create. Centering around the “point work” method invented by Naoya Aoki, the troupe conducts training aimed at sharing physical sensations, and researches and explores the body. In addition to expressive work in the performing arts, the troupe carries out creative projects in galleries and outdoors, and its numerous links to schools, public facilities etc. see it engaging in activities involving people who would not normally go to theaters. Under its mid-to-long term plan, Zero will undertake collaborations in different genres, such as that with the Crossings project centering on contemporary music composers, and the holding of regular events at the traditional house-cum-gallery, Ebihara Shoten.