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Tokyo Cantat 2022

  • Organization : “Music Tree” the think tank of choralists for 21st century’s choral music
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Since its launch in 1996, Tokyo Cantat has been held every year with the object of permeating choral music through Japan society and promoting choral activities as part of the culture. 2022 marks the 26th Tokyo Cantat. Traditionally, the event has a varied program of concerts, seminars etc. with two main focal points: the introduction of choral music from around the world and the reaffirmation of Japanese choral culture. However, yet again this year organizers were unable to invite lecturers from overseas, and so the event featured two concerts, “Opening Concert – Thoughts over Our Past and Future,” and “Concert Series XI “Yamato” Monument of Songs- Listen to TOHOKU.” The former was organized by three choral conductors who have long been at the vanguard of the choral world in Japan, and charmed the audience with a program looking back at choral music’s history and progress to date and looking further into the future. Like the previous Cantat, the latter concert was themed around Tohoku, this time featuring a collection of works evoking beautiful, archetypal landscapes through the customs, traditions, folk songs etc. of various parts of Tohoku in a concert that acted as a reminder of the region’s beauty and charm. Chikuzan Takahashi II’s Tsugaru shamisen and Tomomi Oda’s improvisational piano performance complemented the various choral works, with the performance ending in a whirl of applause and excitement.


“Music Tree” the think tank of choralists for 21st century’s choral music
“Music Tree” is the organization established in November, 1996 with the group people who are involved in choral music activities from all the perspectives, such as choral conductors, composers, poets, pianists, voice trainers and professional choral singers. The idea is to work on the choral music as an art form and promote the choral activities as a part of the culture that we pursue opportunities to create “better music” together as well as to encounter the people from around the world to share the musical emotions and excitements. “Music Tree” organizes two major projects, Tokyo Cantat and Coro Festa. In addition, we organize annual events with more focused objectives, ‘Spring Atelier’ and ‘Yatsugatake Music Seminar’.


Miyuki Katayama
Secretary general
“Music Tree” the think tank of choralists for 21st century’s choral music
2-28-4-101, higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013


Sumida Triphony Hall, Sumida City, Tokyo