What we do


  • Organization : (((((,
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


(((((, is a jointly curated exhibition organized by Tomohiro Kubota and Mio Harada.
The exhibition name (((((, is a coined word to be read for convenience as “kakkotojinai” (“without parentheses”), and which carries the meaning of “open” and “not reaching conclusions.”
The title, which is composed of parentheses symbols in a line followed by a comma, expresses the behavior at the exhibition itself, where organizers join visitors in stopping to think about the concept of “natural and normal” together.
The artists participating in this exhibition are aliwen, Ayaka Ura, Tetsuro Ohashi, Aya Kurashiki, Sanghyun Park, and Kazuhiko Hiwa. These six artists from different backgrounds are attempting to reconsider social norms we see as “natural and normal.”
What comes after we dismantle the concept of “natural and normal” which we impose on ourselves and others? By presenting a group of works dealing with themes that have attracted attention in recent years including gender, sexuality, nationality, and the body, this exhibition proposes how to weather the world of today.


As a fluid team, (((((, not only holds exhibitions, but also organizes events and performances. The group is characterized by the way it deals with a number of problems originating between individuals, others, and society.
Members discuss and develop amongst themselves approaches to the presentation of works which are not bound by conventional exhibition formats. This also functions as an opportunity for artists and curators to think about modes of being for art. In addition, the purpose of discussion and information sharing in the group is to provide members with pointers for sustainable engagement with art.


Mio Harada


KOMAGOME SOKO, Toshima City, Tokyo