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Creating an inclusive society beyond devision : through children's art workshop with artists

  • Organization : NPO Children Meet Artists
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Not just in Japan but all over the world right now, there is a gradual spread of “division” that seeks to consider people different from oneself as a “minority,” and to criticize and exclude them. In May 2020 we developed two seminars on the theme of “division” surrounding children. The spread of coronavirus meant that these seminars were cancelled, but closed round-table discussions were held and featured as part of a column on our website.

“The effectiveness and future possibilities seen in the practices of artist-run workshops for children with disabilities”
(speaker: Yutaka Ebisawa [teacher Shakujii special-needs school], Hideo Arai [performer, dance artist], Shinobu Omiya [“machiarukinist” urban rambler] & Yuki Omiya [high school student] ) “The possibilities of artist-run workshops in correctional education” (speaker: Akio Tsukakoshi [volunteer counselor, probation officer], Yukari Yamamoto [rhythmic instructor, volunteer counselor] , Ichino Yamamoto [volunteer counselor ], Hideo Arai [performer, dance artist]


NPO Children Meet Artists
An NPO engaging in activities that generate opportunities for creative learning and play through encounters between children and artists, in order to create a society in which people with diverse values, ways of thinking and physical sensation coexist. Launched in 1999, it began operating as an NPO in 2001. Since its establishment, it has continually run the program ASIAS (=Artist’s Studio In A School), in which professional contemporary artists visit elementary and junior high schools, nursery schools, kindergartens, orphanages and other facilities where they run workshop-style classes in cooperation with teachers.


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