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This year was the sixth year for our group ‘knock-knock’ to provide art programs for the children living in foster homes, including those with handicaps. The children enjoyed; visiting the Edo era culture at Edo-Tokyo Museum, visiting the ‘mummy exhibit’ and Van Gogh exhibit per their requests, listening to baroque music performances, creating museum boxes, and jotting down ‘kiroku (record) sheets.’ This program consists of personally conducting the tour, sending out invitation cards and thank you letters.
After August 2020, ‘virtual museum visits’ were conducted using museum postcards due to COVID-19. This program starts with sending postcards with our comments, kiroku sheets, and ‘art files’ to the children. Acting as facilitators, the staff at the foster homes use the postcards to demonstrate various ways to read and appreciate the artworks. It becomes an opportunity for the children to recall their previous visits to museums and maintain their relationship with art. A Total of sixty-six children (from elementary school pupils to college students) from four foster homes attended the programs.
By receiving reviews from the foster homes, we will refine our programs and continue to provide the children with windows to the world of art.


The group ‘knock-knock,’ founded in 2014 by three Tobira Project volunteers (‘art-communicators’) at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum * Tokyo University of the Arts, has grown to thirteen volunteers. The group ‘knock-knock’ has provided art programs for children living in foster homes who could not visit museums by themselves. The program ‘Let’s Go to Museums’ was conducted 21 times. Alternatively during the COVID-19 pandemics, virtual visits using museum postcards were conducted. Total of 221 children ages 5 to 20 living in four foster homes participated in the programs.
In August 2017、knock-knock was assigned with an inclusive art program of ‘Museum Start i-Ueno’ by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


Kaoru Yamaki, Tomoko Nagao
Joint representative


The Ueno Royal Museum
National Museum of Nature and Science
Internatinal library of Chilrens’s Literature
Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School