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Nohgaku-Dandyism Extra Performances “FUNABENKEI”

  • Organization : Nohgaku-Dandyism Jikkoiinkai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Under the concept of encouraging audiences to savor the performance, “FUNABENKEI,” an accessible and easy-to-understand piece aimed at Noh novices, will be performed without any omissions and without being shortened. Moreover, through the addition of “Sentyu-no-katari” and “Meisho-oshie” kogaki (special variant performances) by wakikata and kyogenkata, not only beginners but also experienced enthusiasts who have seen the Noh play “FUNABENKEI” many times will appreciate the depth of this piece.

Sakuma Jiro, Noguchi Yasuhiro, Okura Noriyoshi, Tsukuda Yoshitaro, Kanze Yoshiyuki, others
Iccho “Yashima,” shimai dance “Kagekiyo” and “Ikarikazuki,” Noh“FUNABENKEI ”


Nohgaku-Dandyism Jikkouiinkai
A Noh unit comprising four actors, shitekata Sakuma Jiro, wakikata Noguchi Yasuhiro, kyogenkata Okura Noriyoshi, and hayashikata Tsukuda Yoshitaro.
By assembling a team made up of Noh professionals, the appeal of Noh can be made fully known from a neutral point of view. In addition to its stage activities, the group proactively communicates information about Noh via YouTube and social media.


Yarai Noh Theatre,Shinjuku City,Tokyo