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Tsutoto “Vanishing point”

  • Organization : Otosaka Mai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


In everyday life, we are obliged to make decisions on a variety of information in order to solve problems. However, in today’s complex society we are overwhelmed with information, making it difficult to maintain consistency between the outside world as we perceive it, our emotions, and reason.
We can feel excessive stress and lose ourselves. In this project, Otosaka Mai presented two works dealing with the inner life of people today.
It was the first online Tsutoto performance, which was staged on the basis of research into the relationship between filmed performance and dance.

Featured works: “YOH,” “GONE”
Choreography/performance: Mai Otosaka, Kanoko Iwaki
Filmmaker: Sumire Ishihara
Photography: Mizuki Aihara
Music: Yu Nakanishi
Lighting: Yukimi Nakane
Filming: Ayaka Hara


Mai Otosaka
Studied contemporary dance at Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Classical Music under Yasuko Kataoka. Since high school she has been involved in numerous productions including choreography and planning for the stage. She created the stage work “YOH” (2018) to explore the possibilities of video and dance under the theme of human stress and psychology. When at university she performed the piece “Rurutowa” (2019), fusing the genres of juggling and dance with the aim of contributing to society. The project garnered her The Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Fund prize.


Otosaka Mai


Shinjuku Ophthalmologist(GANKA) Gallery, Shinjuku City, Tokyo