What we do

Ota’s Traditional Japanese Culture Festival 2022 Part.2 
WA Tsunagu Wakku Wakku School

  • Organization : Ota city Cultural Promotion Association
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience events
Koto, shamisen, kotsuzumi, traditional Japanese dance

Number of practical skill sessions per participant (including presentation/rehearsals for presentation)
7 times

Principle instructors
Teachers from Ota City Sankyoku Association (Koto) including Yoshiko Yamakawa and Fumiyo Kobayashi
Teachers from Ota City Traditional Japanese Music Alliance (Shamisen) including Rokuchizu Kineya and Goyu Kineya
Teachers from Ota City Traditional Japanese Music Alliance (Kotsuzumi)
including Tsurujuro Fukuhara
Teachers from Ota City Traditional Japanese Dance Alliance (Traditional Japanese dance) including Shizue Fujikage and Kikuho Fujima

Event features
This event centers around parents and children, who will experience Japanese traditional musical instruments and dance together. Participants will work towards the goal of playing and performing at the final presentation. Having the same goal will encourage more interest in Japanese culture, and promote it at a grassroots level.

Publicity methods for the recruitment of participants (collaboration, cooperation, networking, etc.)
-Posting participant recruitment notices in the Ota City newsletter
-Requesting facilities in Ota City (87 locations) and public halls in Metropolitan Tokyo (approximately 20 locations) to carry flyers
-Displaying posters on bulletin boards in Ota City (344 posters)
-Requesting Japanese culture groups in Ota City from whom we have requested coaching and collaboration for cooperation with the distribution of flyers

Ways to enable participants to continue with practical skills experience (other than programs covered by this grant) after the end of the event
With the cooperation of Japanese culture groups in Ota City, from whom we have requested coaching and collaboration, we will ask for a list of teachers who give classes, and distribute the list and other information to participants after the final presentation.


Ota city Cultural Promotion Association
Purpose of establishing the group: to expand the circle of solidarity and cooperation among Ota city residents, promote arts and culture in Ota city and thereby contribute to local revitalization and community development with cultural appeal.
The group’s activities: The association manages and operates Ota City Residents Plaza, Ota City Residents Hall (Aprico), Ota Bunka-no-mori (support facility for cultural activities), Ryushi Memorial Museum and Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Museum as designated administrator of those facilities. In addition, it organizes a variety of events and projects relating to music, theater and dance, traditional performing arts, and art, as well as engaging in projects supporting independent cultural activities by Ota city residents and providing many people with the opportunity to enjoy and experience arts and culture.


Culture and Arts Promotion Division
Ota City Cultural Promotion Association
3-1-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku. Tokyo, 146-0092


Ota City Residents Plaza Ota City, Tokyo