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Shamisen salon

  • Organization : SHAMISEN GAKUSHA Association performs Japanese traditional music
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event
Nagauta shamisen

Number of practical skill sessions per participant (including presentation/rehearsals for presentation)
4 times

Principle instructors
Touon Eriko Yamamoto (Nagauta shamisen)

Event features
1)Hands-on shamisen experience at the beginning of the year
2)Participants are able to borrow a shamisen for free during the program
3)Participants will be able to master the handling of a shamisen

Publicity methods for the recruitment of participants (collaboration, cooperation, networking, etc.)
With the support of Hachioji city flyers will be distributed to facilities in the city.

Ways to enable participants to continue with practical skills experience (other than programs covered by this grant) after the end of the event
As an organization, we run other training programs, so at the end of this program we can provide information to those who wish to continue with practical training.


SHAMISEN GAKUSHA Association performs Japanese traditional music
Established to pass on, popularize and develop traditional music. The group promotes and publicizes Japanese traditional music in a variety of forms in Japan and overseas through the planning, running and production of events/activities, and the organization of performances and workshops, etc.


SHAMISEN GAKUSHA Association performs Japanese traditional music
Tel: +81-(0)3-6822-6593
E-mail: music@shamisengakusha.com


Lifelong Learning Center, Hachioji City, Tokyo