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The 3rd My first Noh-lesson

  • Organization : My first Noh-lesson committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event
Fue (flute), Ko-tsuzumi (shoulder-drum), O-tsuzumi (hip-drum), Taiko (stick-drum), Utai (chanting) and Shimai (dance)

Number of practical skill sessions per participant (including presentation/rehearsals for presentation)
7 sessions

Principal instructors
Shintaro Sugi (Fue), Kyosuke Tanabe (Ko-tsuzumi), Yosuke Kamei (O-tsuzumi), Yuichiro Hayashi (Taiko), Yoshiteru Takeda (Utai and Shimai)

Event features
After choosing one of five Noh parts—Fue (flute), Ko-tsuzumi (shoulder-drum), O-tsuzumi (hip-drum), Taiko (stick-drum), Utai (chanting) and Shimai (dance)—participants will receive six lessons. They will then present the fruits of their lessons on a Noh stage used by professional performers. After the presentation, participants will watch a Noh demonstration and performance by professional Noh performers.

Publicity methods for the recruitment of participants (collaboration, cooperation, networking, etc.)
An announcement regarding the recruitment of participants will be placed in the newsletter of the local government where the rehearsal space is located and recruitment posters will be put up in cultural facilities. Social media and websites will be used to provide timely information.

Ways to enable participants to continue with practical skills experience (other than programs covered by this grant) after the end of the event
The presentation will be incorporated into a presentation by students of the various instructors so that participants can gain a more concrete impression of what they might achieve if they continue their studies. After the program ends, we will tell participants who want to continue studying their part about the conditions, etc. for continuing.


My first Noh-lesson committee
This group was formed in February 2021 by shibyoshi Hayashi players and shite-kata who wanted to banish “Noh is difficult” image and to increase the number of people who enjoy Noh. By providing hands-on experience of Noh, the group aims to popularize Noh more widely in society.


Yuichiro Hayashi
My first Noh-lesson committee
E-mail: taikoseirinkai@gmail.com


Practical skill sessions:
Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Toyokawa Inari Tokyo Culture Hall, Minato City, Tokyo
Dance Studio ailee, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Nakanosakaue Taiko Practice Room, Nakano City, Tokyo
Saginomiya Utai and Shimai Practice Room, Nakano City, Tokyo
Presentation: Cerulean Tower Nohtheatre, Shibuya City, Tokyo