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A Collection of Works by Japanese Composers vol.2

  • Organization : Kei Yamazawa
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Music


This is the second in a concert series of cello works by Japanese composers. Themed around “parent and child composers,” this concert featured performances of cello works by eight composers. The performance is available to view on YouTube.

Yoritsune Matsudaira: Sonate pour violoncelle et piano
Yoriaki Matsudaira: Co-Action
Naozumi Yamamoto: Metamorphoses by the Moon of Ruined
Junnosuke Yamamoto: Omaggio
Hisatada Otaka: Nocturne
Atsutada Otaka: “Meisô” pour violoncello seul
Michio Kitazume: Concerto for Violoncello
Hiromichi Kitazume: Gradations

Cello: Kei Yamazawa
Piano: Akiko Fujita

In addition, as a pre-event for the main performance a concert was held on March 18 featuring cello works by Yoriaki Matsudaira.


Kei Yamazawa
Yamazawa won first place in Kyogaku XI of the 11th Contemporary Music Performance Competition and garnered the 24th Asahi Contemporary Music Award. He has made the exploration of the possibilities of the cello his life’s work, enthusiastically commissioning pieces from a variety of composers. Since 2015, he has organized an annual recital “Mind tree” which solely features unaccompanied cello works written after the 20th century. In 2021 he launched the regular concert series “A Collection of Works by Japanese Composers.”


Tokyo Concerts Lab,Shinjuku City,Tokyo