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Streaming performance “Island NI”

  • Organization : Katsuya Inukai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


For the second work in the “Island” series of streamed performances, the director and streaming production crew collaborated on trialing approaches to theater through video. In addition, they explored fresh possibilities for theater as a narrative medium with a drama series-style storytelling technique utilizing leftover archive material from the streams.

Written and directed by Katsuya Inukai

Cast: Satomi Takazawa, Rena Hatano, Yamato Fujiie, Ryohei Yokota

Video director: Akio Hikage
Cinematographer: Takafumi Kato, Motokazu Horikiri
Camera Assistant: Shinpei Tsuji
Sound, Music and Production: Hikaru Tsuchiya
PR: Marimo Zencho
Visual Design: Fumika Saga
Web: Katsuya Inukai


Katsuya Inukai
Playwright and director who stages theatrical works under the name of Katsuya Inukai. In recent years his works have included “Normal” (2019/ Hoshi no Hall, Mitaka City Art Center), and “Mokusei no Ohyosono Ohkisa” (“About the size of Jupiter”) (2018/ Komaba Agora Theater). “Mokusei no Ohyosono Ohkisa” garnered the first Maeda Prize for Drama (individual). Inukai also writes short comic works and novels and works as a web designer. In a bid to explore new possibilities for theater, in recent times he has been avidly involved in live streaming ventures.


Katsuya Inukai


SCOOL, Mitaka City, Tokyo