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Crossings x zer0

  • Organization : Crossings
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


This event comprises a total of three performances of music/dance works by four composers – works which in principle do not use specific performers or instruments but are created by incorporating elements of sound coming from dancers’ movements themselves – plus a video work containing documentary elements based on the works’ production process. The works use mechanisms for making sound by means of the bodily contact or movement by dancers setting off sound-emitting devices and art installed on stage, or were created by incorporating elements of sound into the dancers’movements themselves – for example dancers’ vocalizations or the sound of their breathing.

Mitsuo Nakamura: PROCESS & FORM (a video work created using scenes etc. from rehearsals)
Shunsuke Azuma: YEEEEEAHaaahhhhee-hee-hee (gradually/suddenly)
Takahiro Kuroda:People for Dancers and Video
Ayaka Gokan:4 (sei/shin) tai


A project established in 2018 for the purpose of expanding the regional framework of art, rethinking different countries and cities centered on Japan as one region from a larger perspective through the intersection of experience and personal experience. Moreover, without limiting the scope of expansion to one of region and considering art forms like music, dance, and art as sharing the same “expressive method,” the project presents ambitious experiments and works that suggest the possibility of new receptivity to visual and auditory information, including sound and body movement; something which can occur when movement, sound and space are constructed anew through the meeting (intersection) of artists in each individual field.


Shunsuke Azuma


Tokyo Concerts Lab., Shinjuku City, Tokyo