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Sumida Summer Concert 2022 A Door To The Orchestra -Welcome To New Japan Philharmonic-

  • Organization : New Japan Philharmonic
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


By holding a performance playing an important role in the arts and culture of Tokyo, organizers attracted a large number of visitors (1,468 tickets, an attendance rate of 81.5%), and the concert received great acclaim. Designed for families with children aged four and above, the event featured Daisuke Yokoyama as the principal guest in a program that offered “SANPO” from “Neighbor Totoro (Orchestra Stories)” by Joe Hisaishi (performed with an introduction to the musical instruments involved), and the famous song “Pictures at an Exhibition,” which was accompanied by a display of hand-drawn pictures from a local Sumida welfare facility. Additionally, the avatar robot OriHime took part in the event, giving people with disabilities the chance to engage in tasks and communication by way of conversation with audience members and enjoyment of the performance via remote operation of OriHime.


New Japan Philharmonic
An independently managed orchestra founded in 1972 under Seiji Ozawa and Naozumi Yamamoto. In 1997 the orchestra made SUMIDA TRIPHONY HALL its base, the first orchestra in Japan to operate out of a specific venue. With a focus on regular concerts, it also actively undertakes special concerts and community-based performance projects.
Yutaka Sado will become the orchestra’s fifth music director from 2023, and is set to champion a wide range of music-related activities for a diverse audience while pursuing a high-level approach to the orchestra’s music.


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