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Roudoku to violin no Live session

  • Organization : Monogatari Group☆Polan no Kai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


A live session will be held with Monogatari Group☆Polan no Kai, which disseminates fairy tales by Kenji Miyazawa on the theme of “living,” and blind violinist Takaaki Shirai. As a preventive measure against the spread of coronavirus, the audience seats and the stage will be separated by a plastic curtain and subtitles will be projected onto a scrim. “The Nighthawk Star” will feature a violin performance with new music by Takaaki Shirai, and a solo narrative by Kaori Saiki. Four pieces of poetry from Miyazawa’s “mental sketch” “An Asura in Spring” express the concept of the work in animated subtitles. There will be an open audio guide to the stage set, costumes, performers, the work, etc.


Monogatari Group☆Polan no Kai
Established in 2004, the group exclusively stages Kenji Miyazawa works under the theme of “living.”
In 2021 it won the Ihatov Award, and attracts various artists showcasing works in mediums including video, illustrations, music, and sign language. Since a 2014 staging of “Night on the Galactic Railroad”with audio guides, the group has engaged in the production of audio guides and theater accessibility practices.
Since 2020, the group has given performances created with artists who have visual and hearing impairments.


Kaori Saiki
Monogatari Group☆Polan no Kai
503, 2-6-3, Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0026


CINEMA Chupki TABATA, Kita City, Tokyo