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Sign Language × ImmersiveTheater Production Project

  • Organization : IGENGOLab.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This was an immersive online theater project conducted in sign language.
It was contrived to give both actors and viewers a sense of immersion, with mechanisms allowing viewers to enjoy the process of changing the storyline according to their own choices.
The project was planned, produced and performed chiefly by deaf people whose primary language is sign language. Viewers chose from a “detective ticket” or a “spying ticket.” Participants immersed themselves in the world of the story, with detective ticket holders interacting directly with the performers and holding discussions with fellow “detectives,” and spying ticket holders watching the exchange between performers and detectives and voting on suspects. In an online talk afterwards, everyone involved shared their thoughts on methods for producing immersive theater using sign language, the creative measures involved, their impressions of performing, the accompanying challenges, etc. The talk was archived online for one week.

Content produced and provided by IGENGOLab.
Planning and production: Fumi Kikunaga, Eri Makihara
Filming and editing: Mika Imai
Performers: OTOKOGUMI (Atom Sunada, Makoto Nozaki, Mitsuo Itabashi, Satoshi Ezoe, Akito Imai)


IGENGOLab. General Incorporated Association
IGENGOLab. is a testing ground for exploring the trial and error involved in communication generated between people who use different languages and the appeal of individual languages, in order to propose new forms of communication. The team’s primary language is sign language. As well as offering forms of immersive entertainment nationwide, such as its interlingual escape game incorporating sign language into the popular mystery solving game format, immersive theater projects, etc., IGENGO Lab. creates and runs workshops using visual language, and produces merchandise.


Fumi Kikunaga
Representative Director


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