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Lines and Around Lines

  • Organization : Transfield Studio
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


During a stay of around three months as Artist-in-Residence on the Esplanade program“Contemporary Performing Arts Research Residency,”the Transfield Studio duo conducted research on rivers and flood control in Singapore. At the end of their residency, they presented their research results in a public program. After returning to Tokyo the duo created and unveiled “Lines and Around Lines” based on their research.
The work comprises a first-part lecture performance talking about the city/society/nation of Singapore while tracing the flow of water, and a second part involving a “tour performance” that takes spectators on a walk around the low-lying areas of eastern Tokyo with an audio guide.
In the first part, the drawing of a line by narrative and movements combining photographs, video and models defines the surroundings and shows the process of turning those surroundings into something usable by people. In the second part of the work, spectators set off individually with a compass and a simple map showing only the directions of the goal, the Sumida River. As they cross three lines of urban infrastructure to reach the Sumida River, spectators sometimes walk the same way, and sometimes a different way. Their walk recalling stories and images of Singapore overlaps with images of Tokyo, transforming what ought to be a familiar city.

Planning and organization by: Transfield Studio Rick Yamakawa+Yuko Takeda
Assistant: Hayato Itakura
Design: Yuga Omae
Lighting: Natsuki Sugimoto (N₂/Seinendan)
Sound: Tetsu Umehara
Graphic design: Tezzo Suzuki
Documentary video: Hibiki Miyazawa


Transfield Studio
An artist unit comprising architect Rick Yamakawa and performing arts manager Yuko Takeda. By conducting fieldwork from a multifaceted perspective that goes between urban life and urban planning, the duo attempts to create performance that is shared with the participants as a physical experience, with a view to seeing how people are able to interact with large spaces and long periods of time.


Yuko Takeda
Transfield Studio


Esplanade and its neighborhood, Singapore
Motoeigakan and its neighborhood, Arakawa City, Tokyo