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paper company Book Exhibition Vol.1

  • Organization : Okada Kakeru
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


We are pleased to announce the first exhibition of “paper company”, a book label that has been publishing art books since October 2020. The “paper company” has published a total of 12 titles, including exhibition catalogs, photo books, and art books. In this exhibition, in addition to the published books, documents such as drafts and samples of bundles will be displayed along with the works. This approach makes it possible to present the actual relationship between the book and the artwork, rather than viewing the form of publication as the final output of an image. Through this exhibition, we hope to provide an opportunity to work with artists and designers to update the future of publishing and the significance of art books.


Okada Kakeru
OKADA Kakeru Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1989. Publisher/Curator.2012 Bachelor of College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University. 2015 Master of Film and New Media Major, Tokyo University of the Arts. Major curation and awards include: prize in “Fan de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2021″ in 2019; ENDOU Yusuke, MASUKO Mayu, HASUWA Tomoko “error CS0003” (TURNER GALLERY, Tokyo, 2021); KIM Hakhyun, SAKUMA Osamu/Rondade “imshow” (Kanzan gallery, Tokyo, 2020). As a publisher, he established the publishing label “paper company” and produces collections of works and catalogues. Major publications include the catalog “imshow (ENDOU Yusuke), (KANAGAWA Shingo), (KANEMURA Osamu)” (2020), SHINODA Yu’s photo book “I Want to See You When You’re Alone” (2021), ENDOU Yusuke’s photo book “Post Decisive Moment” (2021), etc.


Okada Kakeru


Kinkan Gallery, Meguro City, Tokyo