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Choreography montage TITUS ANDRONICUS

  • Organization : ORU
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus,” this work comprises events in the play that center on characters surrounding Titus. This is the first showing in Japan of a “choreography montage” piece that layers dance, theater, music and art.

(in Japanese alphabetical order)
Kai Ono
Naoya Kanzawa (Musical company It’s Follies)
Yuki Koshi (Himawari Theatre Group)
Fujiko Suzuki (ORU)
Mio Numadate
Takeshi Mikawa (Queen’s Ave.)

Direction/choreography: Kanako Suzuki
Art: Ono Kai (sculptor), Moeko Takeda
Art/costume design: Anna Titova-Tubash
Music: Darya Zvezdina
Lighting/sound/stage management/reception: Session House staff
Planning and production: Session House

Kagurazaka Session House
Dzone Festival 2023 ORU standalone production


Theater company headed by Kanako Suzuki. It has been producing “choreography montage” works since 2019. ORU advocates and practices “choreography montage,” which comprises multiple layers of freestanding art in other genres (theater, dance, art, music, etc.). The works are created with an awareness of maintaining each sphere on an equal footing, and by keeping in mind that each art form exists independently without merging. This does not mean that everything is disconnected; the original meaning of montage in French is “assembly,” and the troupe creates its dance using dance notation.




Kagurazaka Session House, Chiyoda City,Tokyo