What we do

(A project that connects people, communities, and society with inclusive art )

  • Organization : CLEAN&ART
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


SHIBUYA INCLUSIVE ART PROJECT is a project to create inclusive art murals to prevent graffiti on the walls of the Toei Bus Shibuya Garage, which had been plagued by graffiti. All participants, regardless of disability, age, gender, or nationality, joined forces to create art using the 17 colors of the SDGs.
The project consisted of an indoor workshop where participants designed original paintings using tangrams, and an outdoor workshop where they painted the walls. In the indoor workshop, many people with disabilities and those who need medical care participated, while the workshop was also held at welfare facilities and online. In addition, nearly 120 people, mostly children, participated in the outdoor workshop. A total of 200 participants completed a giant artwork.


We provides graffiti removing and mural creation in Shibuya city. It is headed by Ken Sobajima, a mural artist from Tokyo University of the Arts. In order to change the image of graffiti erasing as a somber and painful activity, we wear uniforms made in collaboration with BEAMS, an apparel maker in Japan. We also create inclusive mural art using the 17 SDGs colors to prevent graffiti. We aim to create public art that anyone can participate in and that has social significance.


Ken Sobajima
Representative Director
Shibuya Center Buildeing 3F, 16-8, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042


Toei Bus Shibuya Garage, Shibuya City, Tokyo