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  • Organization : DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project is a festival started by documentary filmmakers to express what cannot be communicated through existing media. Instead of in a movie theater, a screen was set up in an old temple; not only did the event offer screenings but also created a forum where creators, performers, and audiences could talk on the same footing. By presenting diverse ways of life, choices, and ways of thinking through documentaries, festival organizers wanted to create an opportunity for each of us to regain “tolerance.” This year’s festival offered an array of perspectives, including a film about a standup comedian attempting open mic, the life memories of a fisherman in Tohoku, a discussion on people with disabilities and sexuality, a work concerned with the relationship between the labor movement and the individual, a report from wartime Ukraine, and the experience of a committee member who was detained in Myanmar.


DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee
The Committee produces video works and runs events for the purpose of suggesting a new approach to the documentary and giving the documentary its place as a cultural force, as well as for the purpose of designing by itself the ideal environment for documentary creators. Docu Memento was established in 2017 and has been organizing annual festival in Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo. The festival explores new forms of expression linked to society, creating documentaries that offer an interactive experience different from television broadcasts or theaters. As well as expanding video works to internet, television and film, its documentaries also feature on the website of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.


Yonemoto Naoki
Executive Committee member
DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee
1-3-13, Chuo, Otaku, Tokyo