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  • Organization : LOGS Inc.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


“EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023” is an art event that played host to approximately 25 galleries mainly based in the Tokyo area. In addition to art exhibits and sales, and art project introductions held by participating galleries, there were video showcases, sound and live performances, discussion panels, viewing tours, and food and drinks. Additional off-site programs included video exhibits on the streets of Shibuya, music programs at clubs and live houses, and other presentations that allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the values that underlie Tokyo’s cultural scene and artist communities.


【LOGS Inc.】
LOGS Inc. is engaged in various lifestyle businesses, such as food and beverage, art related, creative education for teens, and fashion-related business.
For this project, the EASTEAST_ Executive Committee was formed by artists, gallerists, and others involved in the art industry, as well as creators active in the fields of design, music, publishing, advertising, and other fields that have contact with art. The members share their awareness of the issues they face in the Japanese art and creative scene through a unique network that transcends national boundaries, and engage in repeated dialogues and collaborations with various players, including corporations and public institutions.


Science Museum, Chiyoda City, Tokyo