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Tokyo23–3D Music & Art festival

  • Organization : Le Jardin Gregoire
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


We realized the 2 days 3D Art & music festival (from May 12th to 13th) , at the gallery and live salon in Omotesando. The exhibition of 3D Art works and 3D sound music works were presented including two concerts with dance performances and acoustic instruments & 3D sound works, including the new pieces that written by guest composers invited from Paris, were performed by many musicians and dancers. This Art festival will be realized through the installation of multi-speakers at the salon, the implementation of microphones in the performers, the 3D art through multi-phonic sound programs, and the collaboration of artists in various fields such as sculptors and contemporary dancers etc. The creation of new art aimed at sound installations on street corners, or museum etc.… was realized with the help of many staff, including stage management staff, exhibition coordination, sound programmer and musical score production. Many thanks!


【Le Jardin Gregoire】
The group was founded in 2016, due to participation in the festival in Paris, France. The following year, they performed at 3 exhibitions and concerts, and were selected as candidates for the 2020 Japan Expo in Paris. In 2021, they organized the concert in Tokyo with the support of the art and culture of the Tokyo Metropolitan – stage type. In 2022 they participated in the concert of multi-phonics in Paris 5th district, in 2023 May they organized The Tokyo 3D-Art festival with support of Arts Council Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.


Kaori Tsutsui
Le Jardin Gregoire
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