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Romance Hashimoto x Yae Yamamichi
The 1st collaboration project "ENIGMA"

  • Organization : Romance Hashimoto
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Based on the folk legend of a giant underground catfish that causes earthquakes, musician/performer Yae Yamamichi, who applies a unique approach to the creation of collage-like combinations of classic Japanese texts including waka poetry, noh, and joruri narrative music, and Romance Hashimoto, a performance artist who disassembles and reconstructs themes using creative methods inspired by contemporary art, have collaborated to produce a performance film which reinterprets the classics to give a modern flavor. This cross-genre collaboration by creators in their twenties is set to energize the Tokyo art scene.


Romance Hashimoto
Born in 1995, originally from Tokyo. DaBY Resident Artist.
Besides using conceptual methods, Hashimoto’s performances incorporate elements of pop and street culture to create highly contemporary performance that appeals to non-art fans as well. Her work is characterized by a consistent aesthetic sense in all the elements that make up the work, including a solid sense of the visual, and multifaceted analysis of themes in a piece by disassembling various contexts and reconstructing them collage-style to present a new process and approach. Besides directing, producing and choregraphing performance pieces, Hashimoto works on interdisciplinary projects as a curator, movement director on shoots, staging manager, etc.


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Romance Hashimoto


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