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Kagurazaka Odori

  • Organization : Tokyo Kagurazaka Association
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  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Through “Kagurazaka Odori”, traditional culture will be transmitted from Kagurazaka for the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and developing traditional performing arts such as Japanese dance, Kiyomoto, Nagauta, Tokiwazu, and Narimono. Kagurazaka’s Japanese dance is the Hanayagi style, and 16 geisha who currently belong to it are practicing mainly under the guidance of 7 leaders. “Kagurazaka Odori” is also a place for presenting arts to general customers, and was designated as a regional cultural property in Shinjuku Ward in 2011.


【Tokyo Kagurazaka Association】
There are many shrines and temples such as Bishamonten in the vicinity of Kagurazaka, and it has prospered as a Karyukai since the early Meiji era for people who visit it. In 1973, the organization of the Ushigome Sangyokai, the predecessor of this association, was changed to the “Tokyo Kagurazaka Association,” which consists of a geisha association and a restaurant association, and continues to this day. Currently, it is composed of 3 restaurant association members and 16 geisha union members.


Hiroyuki saito
Tokyo Kagurazaka Association
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