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  • Organization : Tokyo TAMA RFC executive committee, RFC Corporation
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Concept: “Creating the future for children”
The concept of this event is the fostering of each child’s ability to act with autonomy and independence based on their experiences of success and aspirations, in order to create children’s dreams. This festival for creating a future for children is also aimed at helping to regenerate the Tama area. The event included the following:
-Music session experience and practice session on stage with Hitomi Yaida
-Hitomi Yaida backup dancer experience with choreography video and practice session
-Modeling experience with Gakken Kirapichi (magazine) models
Also food trucks and workshop booths

Featured artists: Hitomi Yaida, DJ Dienoji, Malts Orchestra, MOGURA, Kazuma Ryusei, joujou Brothers, Ketoruzu


【Tokyo TAMA RFC executive committee, RFC Corporation】
This music festival “Creating the future for children” spearheaded by RFC representative Ibuki began in 2017, and this year marks its fifth year. The event’s aim is to foster children’s expectations for the future and the ability to envision their own dreams. It presents an opportunity open to all, regardless of environment or background. Tokyo TAMA RFC executive committee aims to take this philosophy to the whole country and to the world. As part of that, the Tokyo event has become particularly symbolic.


Tokyo TAMA RFC executive committee
E-mail: marufumi1004@gmail.com


Parthenon Tama (Open Studio and the open space in front of Parthenon Tama )