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Psalms and crystal of sound ~Responsory of Good Friday~

  • Organization : Scholas Aquarius
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


With composer Teruaki Suzuki’s “Responsory of Good Friday,” a male choral liturgical work for countertenor, tenor and bass constituting the main program,
this performance with choir conductor Keiichi Shimizu and pianist Humi Shimizu incorporated the world of abstract sound expression in Suzuki’s work, as well as pieces featuring artistic elements such as mythology, sensuality, and philosophy.


Scholas Aquarius
Formed in 2021 to mainly perform choral works by composer Teruaki Suzuki. Aimed at pursuing the beauty of sound itself free from solfège (a system for singing notes) s, the group is an assemblage of young vocalists who work in a variety of fields including baroque music, opera and contemporary music.
The group’s purpose is to convey and widely promulgate the essence of Suzuki’s works, said to be extremely difficult in musical and technical terms, and the spirit of the composer, along with the appeal of the matchless harmonies in his works.


Mitaka city arts center. Mitaka City. Tokyo