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  • Organization : Hanako Nakamura
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


A performance series featuring works for the Sho and Japanese instruments. The concert featured a selection of works which dealt equally with the Sho and other instruments and was structured to be a one-night program rich in variety. For this concert, the second in the series, six highly individual works were performed with the instrumental accompaniment of Satsuma biwa, Hichiriki, and Koto.

Kazuma Suzuki : Hyōjo Tenpyōraku (2021)
Sunao Isaji: Yogenju (2021)
Tamami Tono : Tapestry for Sho solo (1996)
Kumiko Takahashi : Mieru mono, mienai mono for sho and biwa (2020)
Yasuko Yamaguchi: Luciferin (2016)
Masamichi Kinoshita : natuwayoru VIII (2021)

Akiko Kubota, satsumabiwa
Hitomi Nakamura, hichiriki
Mika Noda, so
Hanako Nakamura, sho


Hanako Nakamura
Graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music. She studied the Sho under Mayumi Miyata and Tadaaki Ohno, and gakubiwa with Kahoru Nakamura. In 2006 she was a trainee on the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Artist Training Program. A member of Reigakusha, Nakamura also engages in numerous solo projects as well as belonging to units including Gagaku-zanmai Nakamura-san-chi and the Sho trio Shogirls. She also communicates the attractions of the Sho to overseas audiences in guest performances that have included the ballet “Kaguyahime” in Montreal, with Ensemble TIMF in South Korea, and at Mahidol University in Thailand.


Mizue Omori
Artist Manager
E-mail: info-b-sheet.jp


Suginami Koukaidou Small Hall, Suginami City, Tokyo