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Suminohibiki Gennoirodori~Sho to koto no orinasu sekai~
(A live collaboration between calligraphy and Koto)

  • Organization : Shosaika Yuzuru (Japanese Artist)
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


An exhibition of works by calligrapher Shosaika Yuzuru in which she attempts to break away from classical calligraphy, continuously seeking new calligraphic expression. The project involves the creation of works in collaboration with Miwa Inaba, a koto player who has composed many original pieces and performed extensively. The energy of a living human being is directly communicated to the audience through the physical expression of music and performance that represents a new world view created by the fusing of these two artists’ expressive genres. In addition, media art creations by Shota Shimura will be included at the venue to add visual depth to the duo’s new world view. This project conveys the idea that Japanese culture is not something only passed down in the classics but is still alive today and has the potential to evolve towards the future.

Ayu’s Stream, Rain in The Distance, The Sea, The depths of my heart, Tale of Two Frogs, The Season of Cherry Blossoms


Shosaika Yuzuru (Japanese Artist)
Yuzuru is a calligrapher in Tokyo, Japan. She majored in calligraphy and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, Faculty of Education. She teaches students of all ages at her own “Yuzuru Calligraphy School.” She is actively engaged in many areas as an artist, including hands-on activities for calligraphy, live sessions with pianists and collaboration with ceramic artists. She has currently been seeking a new way to see “the world” which “mind” is incorporated into, and has been trying to work on installation art by using different kinds of materials such as glass and iron as well as paper and ink. She exhibited her inspiring artworks and held workshops in Milan and Taiwan. She also gets creative with ways to share the attraction of calligraphy with people from different countries through cultural exchange opportunities.
In 2019, Yuzuru won “Best Performance Award of the 6th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition” held at The National Art Center, Tokyo. In 2020, she received “Award for Excellence”, followed by the “Dynamic Contemporary Artist Award” in 2022.


Shosaika Yuzuru


Sawada studio, Bunkyo City, Tokyo