What we do

Ishinoura Keititsu

  • Organization : Ishinoura Steering Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


By giving omnibus performances featuring an array of young artists from assorted genres like dance, theater, circus and music, the Committee seeks to create horizontal connections within contemporary underground culture. The purpose of the omnibus performance series “Ishinoura” is to create a forum bringing together non-genre performers who can develop their artistry while mutually influencing each other.
Rather than connecting existing genres, the aim is to redraw genre boundaries and create an environment for forming unique genres.
Another aim of the series is to attract people from a wide range of audiences and create a flow of culture and artistic talent between genres by making audiences of specific genres interested in other genres.


Ishinoura Steering Committee
This is the organization that runs “Ishinoura,” an omnibus performance series which brings together performers who “wriggle in the gaps” between creative genres, creating stage outings with an impact analogous to turning over a stone. Launched in 2020 primarily by circus performer Jin Suzuki and director Anko Yamazaki, the Committee continues its activities on an irregular basis at small theaters around Tokyo with the aim of becoming the crossroads for underground performance in Japan.
Going forward, the Committee plans to expand the scope of its activities to small theaters all over Japan, not just in Tokyo.


Jin Suzuki
Ishinoura Steering Committee


Ogikubo Theatre,Suginami city, Tokyo