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genshi-tann vol.2 “KAGIROI“

  • Organization : genshi-tann (Visionary Tales)
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In bygone times, somewhere far away. Church of Tanurae sent a young monk, Uri, to a provincial convent where there was a rumour of heresy. In the convent he witnessed a ritual praying to “Miracle Maiden” who was singing and dancing in front of ecstatic crowd. Through knowing the abbess, Ada, interacting with a mysterious blind girl and people living around the convent, young Uri began rethinking his faith…
Inspired by the age where Catholic Church was dominant, the story tries to picture what sin, love, or faith could be like. The chorus are making a dreamy, mystic atmosphere.

Cast: Takashi Kuroki, Tamu Hyuga, Hazuki Kato with Akemi Yajima, Arisa Suzuki, Hiyo Kawafune, Jin-Zo, Kunitaro Inoue, Mia, Toshifumi Takahashi, Yuka Wakatake, Yusuke Onda
Writer & Director: Tamao Nishiyama
Stage Manager: Momoka Ogura
Lighting Designer: Masashi Nakamura
Costume Designer: Ryoma Fukushi
Choreographer: Jin-Zo, Hazuki Kato


genshi-tann (Visionary Tales)
Formed in 2021. Its activities revolve around leader Tamao Nishiyama and Hazuki Kato.
The Story of Halluciné
This work takes a close look at the layers of fantasy that weave the world together, depicting the reality of dreams, and the dream of reality.
In a bid to overlay the moment when the boundary between fantasy and reality unravels with the poetic rhythm of words and depict the moment as a single landscape, the troupe engages in a variety of creative activity such as theater.


Tamao Nishiyama


Oji Small Theatre, Kita City, Tokyo