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Chuichiro Matsunaga 6th Concert of his works

  • Organization : Chuichiro Matsunaga Concert Office
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This was a concert of Nagauta shamisen player Chuichiro Matsunaga’s self-penned Japanese music. The performance of three pieces – one modeled on ancient Nagauta, one with Jiuta-like elements, and one completely original composition – demonstrated an approach to keeping traditions alive as well as the attractions of traditional Japanese music.

1.Composition revived by Chuichiro Matsunaga “Haru-Takara Azuma-Ningyo”
Uta: Chunosuke Matsunaga, Wanosuke Matsunaga
Shamisen: Chuichiro Matsunaga, Chuzaburo Matsunaga
Kage-bayashi offstage percussion: Sako Tanaka, Natsumi Tosha, Rokon Tosha, Kan Fukuhara

2.Text by Tai Kaneko/Music by Chuichiro Matsunaga/ Kokyu composition and arrangement by Asakichi Kineya/ “Kikyorai” *written for this performance
Uta: Masako Imafuji
Shamisen: Chuichiro Matsunaga
Kokyu: Asakichi Kineya

3.Text by Tai Kaneko/Music by Chuichiro Matsunaga/ arrangement by Roei Tosha “Nakanaka ni Haru ha” Uta: Masaki Imafuji, Masako Imafuji
Shamisen: Chuichiro Matsunaga, Naomitsu Kineya
Kotsuzumi: Roei Tosha
Otsuzumi: Rokon Tosha
Taiko: Natsumi Tosha
Fue: Kan Fukuhara


Chuichiro Matsunaga Concert Office
Established in December 2020 for the purpose of planning and organizing concerts featuring hogaku traditional Japanese music composed by Chuichiro Matsunaga, a nagauta Shami(Shamisen) player.
In addition to Chuichiro’s solo creative activities, he shares his creative and performative experiences with hogaku musician contemporaries and those of the next generation in the hope that this will go on to contribute to the development and handing-down of traditional culture in some way.


Chuichiro Matsunaga Concert Office


Kioi small hall, Chiyoda City, Tokyo