What we do


  • Organization : Nagisa Yamaguchi
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


Yamaguchi intentionally focuses on minor events overlooked in everyday life and incorporates them into her work. We have missed a lot of what was happening in front of us while we spent our days immersed in information.
This work brings together young artists who are active as dancers in various settings and who also have a particular expressive style (clothing, drawing, photography, storytelling/narration, etc.). In this work, their everyday memories are recorded as one creation.
Kanae Asakawa (dancing)
Miyu Araki (photo-taking)
Miori Kazu (narrating)
NOGCHI (drawing)
Honoka Saiki (making clothes)
Nagisa Yamaguchi (producing)
Hisaki Somemiya (photography)
Haruna Matsunami (performance day management)
Kanta Inoue (performance day management)
Sakura Ishii (performance day management)
NOGCHI (flyer design)


Nagisa Yamaguchi
Graduated from Faculty of Arts, J.F Oberlin University.
While a student she studied contemporary dance under Ms. Kuniko Kisanuki.
At present she is pursuing her own form of expression through the technique of “tracing the body moved by means of objects and spaces as well as the body’s inner state onto dance.”
Besides creating works, she is involved in the stage and media with various artists.




SOOO dramatic!, Taitou City, Tokyo