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Ronyakunannyo Mirai Gakuen The 2nd Performance (Hyper Positive) “Seeyulater”

  • Organization : Mori Satoru
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


Mori Satoru’s work presents the phrase “Seeyulater” as an expression of the unthinkingly casual and blasé desire for a reunion that people have when they want to take a positive view of an inevitable parting, and not feel overly sad.
The line of sight when one person looks at another is projected onto a screen as an image through cameras held by the actors; in this way it is made visible in a form that can be seen by the audience at the same time the scene takes place on stage. Furthermore, the real-time processing of these images means the “world captured in the role” is expressed as something removed from reality.

Performed by: Kasugai Kotone, Nanahoshi Tabako, Mori Satoru
Written and directed by: Mori Satoru
Technical direction: Imai Zen  
Technical engineer: makobouzu
Music/sound: Yamada Sekito
Lighting: Umeda
Production assistant: Koto Koto
Art and literature: Kano Kenichi
Rehearsal support: Naito Yoshiaki 


Mori Satoru
Playwright/director/graphic designer/web designer from Nagoya City, Aichi Pref., born in 1998.
Started theater at high school when he joined the school theater club. He later studied design at university.
He launched Ronyakunannyo Mirai Gakuen in the fall of his second year at college. He has written, directed, and designed flyers for several of its productions.
As well as doing graphic design such as logos and flyers since he was a student, in recent times he has worked on UI design for web sites, web apps, etc.


SCOOL, Mitaka City, Tokyo