What we do

Concert in Artistic town Puccini × Puccini Opera Arias & Messa di Gloria

  • Organization : Executive committee of Artistic town Hino
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The Committee functions with the aim of contributing to the development of “Artistic town Hino.” It plans concerts for mainly Hino City residents in which locals can participate and which feature Hino City-born professional performers as guests. It also runs projects that contribute to the improvement of local arts and culture.

Conductor: Hiroshi Ishizaka
Soloists: Atsuko Kobayashi, Ayano Furusawa, Toshiaki Murakami, Shingo Sudo
Chorus: Coral Fantasy in Hino
Orchestral accompaniment: TAMA 21st Century Symphony Orchestra


Hino Renga Hall(Hino Civic center)