What we do

Mukeichoukoku Immersive Theater “Inverting End Credits”

  • Organization : Mukeichoukoku
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Mukeichoukoku is taking over a café to present this immersive theater piece.
Attendees with “character” tickets are given a name and scenario, getting an immersive experience of the story as they converse directly with characters played by the performers in front of them. Attendees with “spectator” tickets are free to roam around and observe the exchanges taking place from their own personal perspective.
Through the story of a film director and his wife who can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction, and by using a theatrical style in which the audience engages with the story as characters while watching the play, Mukeichoukoku expresses the play’s theme of the difficulty and kindness of visualizing and accommodating situations as seen through the eyes of others.

Composition: Yumeko Imai
Movement: Masao Miki
Direction by: Mukeichoukoku(Masao Miki/Yumeko Imai/Chie Uchiyama)& all cast
Performed by: AGATA/Marina Ikuta/Rego Ikeda/Shinya Ichikawa/Yukiko Otsuka/Michiaki Kubota/Hirohisa Kojima/Mio Kobayashi/Isao Sano/Hikaru Tsukakoshi/Saki Teshima/Sachi Fujita /You Murakami/Hikaru Mochiduki/Mika Yamamoto/Kunihiro Yusa
Music: Shinya Ichikawa
Production: Akiko Nomoto


A creative team founded on March 1, 2022 for the purpose of confronting issues faced by society and the individual through performing arts-related projects, centering around the creation and performance of immersive theater.
Through the immersive experience of a story, Mukeichoukoku’s audiences rediscover the “kindness of visualizing other people” and consequently the “beauty of the world.” The team’s creative activities are driven by its belief that the power of theater can make society kinder and more positive.


Space&Café Polepole-za, Nakano City, Tokyo