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ME〜Retold・The Orphan of Zhao〜

  • Organization : Multicultural theatrical company NAKIHOROU
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This is a piece of metatheatre which uncovers absurdity in the content of the classical Yuan Dynasty Zaju Chinese drama“The Orphan of Zhao,” transposes it into the context of contemporary Japan, and also encompasses 18th century Britain. It has been created by breaking down concepts like war and nationalism, individual heroism and democracy, and similarities in the development of human society by looking at similar characters in literary works from different cultures (“Hamlet”quotes).

Kou Kanegae, Masahiro Kawai, Masuda Yuki, Matsunaga Koyo, Ayano
Creative team
Writing, direction, and publicity art by Chee
Directorial assistant: Ami Hayase
Musical composition: SUMMERLETO
Stage design: YiZhou Chi
(All the above from Multicultural theatrical company “NAKIHOROU”)

Stage direction: Ai Yamamoto (RAF)
Lighting: Yuma Sato (LEPUS)
Sound: Ren Matsumoto (KaTia)
Main visual: HU
Costume design: ikku, JUN
Hair & makeup: Keiko Yokoyama
Visuals photography: Ayano Tomosawa
Rush design: Akari Hirota, Chee
Production: Arina Takizawa (HARUStage)
Planning: Multicultural theatrical company “NAKIHOROU”


Multicultural theatrical company ”NAKIHOROU”
Pulao, one of The Dragon Nine, likes to roar, especially when attacked by whales. This is why the crowns of large bells like those found in temples are often in the shape of Pulao, and the suspended bar with which the bell is struck is often shaped like a whale. People pray they will be strong and supple like a whale, and that their voice will resound across the seven oceans like Pulao. Formed in the turbulent year of 2020, NAKIHOROU is a theater unit built on a creative foundation that transcends borders and cultures. Incorporating members from various countries and cultures, the company is spearheaded by Chee, who is originally from China and studied in the UK, and summerleto, a painter and musician who studied Russian literature in Russia and loves jazz and funk.


Multicultural theatrical company 「NAKIHOROU」


Takadanobaba Rabinest, Shinjyuku City, Tokyo